Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage



The use of hot stones can be combined with a relaxing or therapeutic massage. The heat of the stones has great therapeutic value, placed on your body at specific points, the heat penetrates and releases physical and emotional tensions. The massage is done with the hands and stones, with sliding and lingering on some points, being able to reach deep tissues, releasing lactic acid from contractures in your body and causing deep relaxation.

The Hot Stone Massage is the application of thermotherapy, in which the heat conduction is transmitted to the body through plutonic stones, formed in the lower part of volcanoes. These stones were cooled down slowly over thousands of years, remaining in their composition all their energetic and biochemical potential.

The energy that comes from the stones penetrates deeply into the muscles, allowing the unblocking and normalization of energy flow, that is mainly conducted through the meridians and is also known as Chi (vital energy).

The clients who receive the Hot Stone Massage feel energized and able to work more and better for longer periods of time. They notice the uncomfortable state of anxiety, tension, apprehension, and agitation being replaced by serenity, relaxation, calmness, and inner peace.

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Hot Stone Massage
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