Kobido Lift


Kobido (Japanese Face-Lift) is a modern technique of hands-on massage. It used to be a part of the rituals to prevent possible unbalances of health and beauty of Japanese royalty.

In Japanese, Kobido means “the search for inner beauty” and it is dedicated to avoiding or attenuating laugh lines, combating facial flaccidity, promoting and elevating the expression, making the face luminous and toned, providing deep relaxation, balance and well-being.

Presents itself as a natural and organic alternative to invasive procedures.

The nature of Kobido is the revitalization of muscles that are not being exercised, enhancing blood circulation, facilitating the intake of nutrients and contributing to detoxification (detox), removing gently the dead skin cells.

The aesthetic results are:

  • Gleaming skin
  • Accentuated contours
  • Rejuvenated and rested facial expression

The balance offered by Kobido awakens well-being and personal shine. Besides the visible aesthetic results, Kobido can be applied therapeutically, since it works on points that reflect themselves on the general health of the organism. It is also recommended for physiological disorders such as bruxism (teeth grinding), facial paralysis, migraines, etc.
The massage includes face, neck and décolleté. The protocol begins with facial hygiene. Then, Kobido is done using a cream with a firming and rejuvenating purpose that will bring results. It finishes with the application of a clay mask (adapted according to the skin type and needs). Because it has immediate effects, it can be done with the intention of preparing for events, parties and ceremonies.
For long-term results, the minimum of 5 sessions is recommended, for better muscular support and facial tonus.



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