Sports massage brings several benefits to those who receive this treatment. The big difference between the sports and relaxing massages is vigor and speed. Sports massage uses faster and stronger movements and maneuvers to increase blood circulation, which brings about a more effective recovery after physical effort. We can divide the sports massage into two fields. The first one is applied after physical efforts to recover the musculature. The second is applied before the physical effort to prepare the muscles for the task. While a relaxing massage releases hormones that soothe the body like oxytocin and endorphins, a sports massage, due to its more vigorous movements, can release adrenaline, which awakens the athlete before physical effort. The sports massage is normally personalized for each athlete. It’s recommended for those who practice any kind of sport, whether as a profession, hobby or amateur. It completes the workout very well and helps prevent muscle injuries, recover and prepare the body for sports.


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