This technique consists of stimulating the lymphatic system, improving its functioning. The lymphatic system is parallel to the circulatory system and its job is to bring the lymph from the tissues into the circulatory system. Therefore, we can say then that the lymphatic system cleans the body, collecting the liquid that is outside the circulatory system, filtering it and taking it to the circulatory system. The lymphatic system does not have red blood cells, but it has large amounts of white blood cells and other immune system cells of great importance for protection of your body. So this system, besides cleaning your body, protects you against viruses, bacteria and other invaders. It is important to point out that lymphatic drainage is done by our body all the time, the movement caused by breathing, by our heartbeat and by our daily activities, such as walking, are responsible for the natural lymphatic drainage of the body. Manual lymphatic drainage is recommended to improve the quality of the natural drainage by stimulating the lymphatic system to work faster and better. Cellulite, fluid retention (swelling), slow digestion, sinusitis, constant colds, acne, delayed healing, are some common problems that manual lymphatic drainage has great potential to heal. In some special cases such as the pre- and post-surgical, manual lymphatic drainage is of extreme importance. manual é de extrema importância. And in cases of pregnancy it offers numerous benefits.



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