Seleção especial de Outono
Seleção especial de Outono

Welcoming Autumn with Care and Well-Being


Enjoy the fall with all the comfort you deserve!
Our therapies have been selected to provide an experience of renewal and serenity, while our air-conditioned rooms guarantee maximum comfort for you during this special season of the year.

Gaia Beauty Facial

R$ 215

60 min.

  • This treatment combines massage and Organic Clay Mask. It is applied according to each skin type, providing whitening, hydration and rejuvenation.

Abhyanga Massage

R$ 215

60 min.

  • Stimulates the body's main energy centers and the warmth of the grape seed oil provides an enormous sense of well-being.

Therapeutic Massage

R$ 205

60 min.

  • Treats complaints of pain or discomfort in any specific body region, and at the same time relaxes the body as a whole.

Come and enjoy the warmth and care that only autumn at Shambala Spa can offer.

Relax… at Shambala Spa.

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Got any questions? Talk to us.

Got any questions?
Talk to us.

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