Professional Skin Cleansing Step-by-Step: What to Expect During the Procedure

Skin cleansing is a highly effective facial treatment that is essential for maintaining the health and beauty of facial skin. In this article, we’ll explore each stage of professional skin cleansing in detail, from sanitization to facial massage, offering insights into the process for those wishing to undergo this rejuvenating treatment.


  1. Initial sanitization

The first step in professional skin cleansing is the initial sanitization of the skin. This involves removing make-up and surface impurities using a gentle cleanser suited to the patient’s skin type. This stage prepares the skin for subsequent procedures by removing any barriers that could prevent the treatment products from penetrating.


  1. Exfoliation

After the initial cleansing, the exfoliation step is carried out. This step consists of applying a gentle exfoliant, which contains fine particles that remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. Exfoliation helps to unclog pores, promoting softer, smoother, more even skin and preparing it for the next step.


  1. Blackhead Extraction

One of the most important stages of skin cleansing is the extraction of blackheads. This procedure is carried out by a qualified professional who uses specific techniques to remove comedones safely and effectively. Extracting blackheads helps to unclog pores, preventing the appearance of acne and promoting cleaner, healthier skin.


  1. Facial Mask Application

After the blackheads have been removed, a face mask is applied to suit the patient’s skin type. Facial masks can have different properties, such as moisturizing, purifying, whitening or revitalizing, and are formulated with active ingredients that meet the skin’s specific needs. Applying the face mask provides a moment of relaxation and renewal, while the ingredients penetrate the skin, providing additional benefits.


  1. Hydration

The last stage of professional skin cleansing is moisturizing the skin. At this stage, a moisturizer suited to the patient’s skin type is applied to restore the skin’s natural moisture and maintain its protective barrier. Moisturizing is essential to keep skin soft, smooth and healthy, and helps prevent dryness and premature ageing.


  1. Facial massage

Finally, to round off the skin cleansing treatment with a flourish, a relaxing facial massage is given. This step not only provides a feeling of well-being and relaxation, but also stimulates blood circulation, promoting a more radiant and revitalized appearance to the skin.


Professional skin cleansing is a complete and rejuvenating treatment that offers a number of benefits for the health and beauty of facial skin. By following this detailed step-by-step, you can expect cleaner, smoother, more hydrated and radiant skin after the procedure. Don’t miss out on this revitalizing experience and enjoy the benefits that professional skin cleansing can offer your skin.