Energetic Cleansing & Clearing Ritual Emocional Cords Cutting and Good Spell Casting

Energetic Cleansing & Clearing Ritual 

Emocional Cords Cutting and Good Spell Casting


Do you feel that you are still stuck in your past?

Are there negative energies influencing your life and tying you down?

Do you feel that your life is stagnant, as if nothing new could reach you?

Make an appointment today and move on free to pursue your dreams and purposes!

This Ritual is a combination of three powerful techniques to free you from negative emotions such as anger, doubt, fear and insecurity, bringing you Good energy.

Energetic cords can form between you and people you engage with through your emotions.

Get rid of the emotional cords that drain your energy and move on feeling renewed!

And to top it off, the Good Spell Casting Ritual will fill your body with Light, increasing your vibrational frequency to attract more Positivity into your life!

Package with 3 techniques in a single session
30 min

Call us to schedule: (48) 99961-1129 (whatsapp)
Shambala Spa – Lagoa da Conceição

Lagoa da Conceicao

Denise Prado

Body and Energetic Therapist, her mission is to provide paths towards healing and well-being, be it regarding physical, emotional or spiritual aspects. Student, Healer, and Ritual Master within the Teachings of the Modern Mystery School, a path she chose for her journey of evolution and assistance of human beings. Her specialties are the Life Activation Ritual, Hermetic Healing, Emotional Cords Cutting (Energetic Cleansing & Clearing Ritual), Reiki, Crystal Ritual, Bach Flower Remedies Consultation e Bioenergetic Massage.

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