Emotional Cords Cutting



Whenever we go through a situation in which we have emotional involvement, a cord can form. These cords form energetic connections between you and the other person or situation, allowing your energy to flow from you to something else.

Although some cords with children and spouses are appropriate, most of the connections we have are unhealthy and create unbalanced co-dependency with others.

These negative cords can form when we have traumatic experiences, or from a feeling of betrayal, guilt, anger, depression or a connection of any kind. Actually, because of its intimacy and intensity, a sexual interaction in itself – even a deep kiss – results in a connection for seven years.

When a cord forms between two people, the energy flows from you, even though you are no longer in this person’s life or physically close. If negative emotional patterns are associated with that relationship, person or experience, your energy and life forces can become worn out and impoverished, keeping you stuck in the patterns of your past.

Once your cords are cut through this process, you are free to reconnect with those that are important to you! As a result, you can establish your current relationships on a new, healthier level with new energy and focus.

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