“Traditional Ayurvedic Yoga Massage”, Indiana was created by Kusum Modak, from their experience
and practice the yoga master BKS Iyengar and master Limaye.

Within the Ayurvedic massage fulfills an important role in maintaining the health and welfare,
physical and mental power and strengthens the spiritual connection.

Whoever tries this wonderful technique, also find that it is miraculous,
a “divine blessing”, realize its strength and effectiveness. It works not only with the “physical body”,
but also other “subtle bodies”, as soul.
It is a meditation both for those who apply as to who receives the massage.

Is used vegetable oil and a powder called Vekhand. During the massage maneuvers are applied heating and stretching as landslides,
that activate blood circulation and lymphatic, where the practitioner uses other than the hands, feet.

The benefits of massage are huge, An embrace:

– Relieves tension and general muscle mainly;
– Prevents diseases by activating the immune system;
– Releases toxins and accelerates the elimination of cellulite, providing more beauty, joy and health;
– Rejuvenates, relaxes, and releases endorphins, providing pleasure and well being;
– Improves posture, increases respiratory capacity and unlock the vital energy, causing changes in behavior patterns.

A pele, the organ with the largest area in the human body and our channel for various sensations when stimulated by massage,
brings out the emotional conditioning with free access to the memory cell.
For this reason “touching the body, is touching the life history” person. The body is considered a temple and
we must treat it with care and attention it deserves, so the answer will be proportional, in other words, better health and vitality.


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