Of …. The Summer!

See what care to have a beautiful and soft skin

Summer is a delight, time to travel, go to the beach, sunbathing, pool bath… is also an excellent time to take care of your body and your skin, that may suffer some damage if proper care is not taken. First, with use of sunscreen (even under the umbrella), especially in the face it takes a factor with at least 30 FPS. Then, moisturizing, that will invigorate and leave skin softer.

To ensure that products have greater moisturizing effect on the skin, it is necessary to remove dead cells, through the entire body exfoliation. Aline Birth, the beautician Shambala SPA, explains how the process works: "It is very common to hear the term" cell renewal "when it comes to beauty. But do most people know for sure how it works? The new epidermal cells, the outer skin layer, push up the oldest, reaching the stratum corneum.

At this time, they undergo keratinization and form a compact structure and protective, to death and descamarem. We did not notice it happening, but our skin is constantly renewed and sheds. These new cells take about 28 days or even longer, in the case of mature skins, to reach the surface. This process is called cell renewal and is critical to maintaining skin health "


Aline also clarifies what benefits exfoliation provides for the skin:

When esfoliamos assist skin renewal, stimulating and accelerating progress, since removed the horny layer and dead cells. Exfoliation also stimulates blood circulation and enhances the absorption and transport of nutrients to the skin

What precautions after exfoliation?

These new cells that are on the way need a lot of care, hydration and protection. That is why, exfoliation demand special attention. Some exfoliating creams and post-esfolição have toxic substances to the body. A good choice is to use natural products, homemade exfoliating, freshly prepared and organic products, rather. Ground seeds such as flaxseed, share, will, sugar, oatmeal, grated coconut, herbs and vegetables and essential oils gain perfect combinations to exfoliate and moisturize your skin properly. The result is a clean skin, velvety and healthy.

A good tip is the treatment of exfoliation Shambala SPA made with natural ingredients like coconut, Cinnamon, Sea Salt and Herbs.

Revenue Natural Exfoliating

A great recipe scrub for sensitive skin:

• 2 spoons (sopa) oats in thin flakes

• 2 spoons (sopa) mel

Mix ingredients and using a circular motion, pass on the face. Then rinse with plenty of water and then finish with a moisturizer. This mixture is smooth and so it is recommended for sensitive skin, because oats helps nourish the skin.