The origin of this style of massage dates back to the time of Gautama Buddha and the region that now includes India and Nepal.
Accreditation is that Dr. Jivaka Kumar Baccha, contemporary of Buddha and the Sangha doctor, was the creator of this method and is revered in Thailand as “Pai of Medicine”.With the expansion of more or less Budhismo 2000 years, this knowledge came to what is known today as Thailand where it was preserved to our days.
This technique was maintained by oral tradition (master – disciple) and a few records that has survived.
There are 2 guidelines of the art: The southern style with the school of Wat Po in Bangkok and the north with the effortless style of the Old Medicine Hospital School (Foundation of Shivago Komarpaj) which is the line we offer.

A Technical

The Traditional Thai Massage or as commonly called Thai massage, has a more energetic approach than physical.
Within the vast network of subtle channels (its) by vital energy circulates onde são used therapeutically 10 main.
The physical body is the vehicle through which it works to restore the energy flow and healing in all other bodies.
By deep pressure over the sin, alongamentos muscle, joint manipulations
Search and twists up release blockages and stagnation of vital energy.
The various techniques used in this massage are designed to facilitate and stimulate the energy currents intrinsic, releasing the blockages that prevent the balance essential to maintaining a healthy and pain-free.

A Thai Massagem possibility pressionar musculus, move joints balancing energy levels, increasing the flexibility and the smoothing effect on both sides of the body. The sense of well being is generated by the release of endorphins.
The time during the massage effect is a melt, Cadence and integration.

The purpose of Thai Massage is to provide a state of balance and harmony to the body, mind and espírito
through the release of energy channels. Each maneuver dissolves in the following as a choreography
that creates a relaxed and meditative state for both the recipient and to those who practice.
Também conhecida como yoga passivo, essa terapia é feita no tatame e trabalha com alongamentos, pressões e trabalho respiratório. Ajuda no desbloqueio de energias estagnadas, aumenta a flexibilidade e diminui rigidez e contrações musculares. Devido a série de alongamentos é primordial o uso de roupas confortáveis garantido a estabilidade dos movimentos, a preservação da intimidade, da segurança e do respeito entre terapeuta e paciente.


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