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The Shambala Spa works only with Natural Products High quality and in partnership with
Spanish company
Germaine de Cappuccini – This em 70 countries over 30 years
You only find this brand in the biggest and best spas in the world.

[feature_boxes image=”http://shambalaspa.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/limpezadepeleflorianopolis.jpg” title=”CLEAN SKIN” link=”http://shambalaspa.com.br / limpeza-de-pele /” read_more=”Want to know more” ]
Consists of detoxification superficial and deep skin
allowing the removal of dead cells, celebrities nails and the
removing excess oiliness. The facial features totally beneficial results
both for the beauty but also for skin health, because this type of procedure helps
desobstruir the pores, improving skin appearance and preventing even the emergence of certain diseases. Germaine de Cappuccini Produtos.

R$ 130,00 – of 1 time 1h30.

R$ 30,00 – Additional Diamond Peeling

R$ 40,00 – Additional Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

[feature_boxes image=”http://shambalaspa.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/facialtropicalhidratante.jpg” title=”TROPICAL MOISTURE” link=”http://shambalaspa.com.br / facial-tropical-hidratante.jpg” read_more=”Want to know more”]
Hydration is very important in maintaining the health of your skin. This facial com Germaine de Cappuccini Produtos aims nutrition and hydration of the skin deep, leaving it softer and rejuvenated, Always keeping it healthy! Suitable for normal skin.

1h – R$ 120

[feature_boxes image=”http://shambalaspa.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/peelingdiamanteflorianopolis.jpg” title=”DIAMOND PEELING” link=”http://shambalaspa.com.br / peeling-Diamante / ” read_more=”Want to know more”]
A cell renewal treatment which returns the elasticity, lightens stains, decreases
oiliness and acne, and still is, less aggressive than some peeling method químicos.O
consists of a superficial microdermabrasion, where is used a diamond tip that
slides over the skin promoting exfoliation.Products with Germaine de Capuccini.
1h – R$ 100

[feature_boxes image=”http://shambalaspa.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/FACIAL002.jpg” title=”TREATMENTS ANTI species wrinkles, Spots or FLACIDEZ” link=”http://shambalaspa.com.br / treatments-facials-special /” read_more=”Want to know more” last=”yes”]

A profound work through specialized products for those who want a special treatment for your skin. Options Anti-Wrinkle, Anti- Blemishes and Anti-sagging. Products WITH Germaine de Capuccini you feel the difference in the skin!

1h – R$ 150

[feature_boxes image=”http://shambalaspa.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/belezasdegaia.jpg” title=”BEAUTY OF GAIA” link=”http://shambalaspa.com.br / facial-beauty-of-Gaia / ” read_more=”Want to know more”]
This treatment of natural beauty combined with massage and application of Orgânica Argila Mask brings wonderful effects: Trying wrinkles, oils, acne, Laxity, spots and rosacea. E providing clareamento, hydration, rejuvenation, elasticity and detoxification as your skin type.
1h – R$ 100


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