Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a massage technique that uses the power of touch and pressure application. This type of therapy comes from ancient Japanese culture, however, was adapted to the practice of Chinese medicine and uses the principles of the meridian system of healing.

The main objective of Shiatsu is to maintain or restore the energy balance, in order to prevent or treat disorders that are caused by the imbalance of this energy. In the view of Oriental Medicine diseases are caused by energy deregulation in the meridians.


The meridian system of healing focuses on increasing blood circulation in certain points of the body. There are twelve meridians that are associated with organs, such as the kidney, liver, spleen, stomach, heart, lungs, bladder, gallbladder, small and large intestines, the temperature control of the body and pericardial. All these bodies is the path to the body's energy Qi (who) flow.

When the body is out of balance, o sistema imunológico torna-se fraco e vulnerável a contrair doenças. If an individual experiences a loss of power, it shows that the body is weakening, the organs are losing their ability to function properly and body tissues are slowly failing.

So, Qi (who) loses its ability to flow freely. The masseuse, then, will be able to help stimulate the body's immune system. It uses a method of using the pressure fingers, thumbs and palms to massage the area, in order to release blocked energy.

The Shiatsu massage therapy is used to aid in the treatment of many diseases, such as:

Bulging / herniated disc
Joint pain
Abdominal pain
Stress and fatigue
Anxiety disorders
Dizziness and weakness
Gastrointestinal disorders

Shiatsu is also useful for those suffering with arm pain and tension, due to long-term use of repetitive movements, such as a keyboard, written, computer mouse, and any other devices repetitive movement.

The Shiatsu Massage provides a long list of additional benefits, such as:

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Provides complete relaxation
Eliminates toxins and waste from the body
Prevents disease
Improves blood circulation
Reduces overall stress and anxiety
Balances Qi (who) Body
Increases energy, mental and spiritual well-being
Balances menstrual cycles
Relaxes the body structure musculoskeletal


With all these benefits, Shiatsu helps relieve a long series of diseases, helping to restore mobility to the entire body.

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