The session Ritual of the Crystals is multi-faceted, at a session of healing the soul,
designed to restore the aura and the chakras.

Our thoughts and imagination are important tools for manifestation we want to create the life.
Everything that was created was first imagined.

The force of attraction begins in the metaphysical stage before it becomes physical. The most important part of our true self is our aura.
The aura is an energy field that reflects our current state. When we are close to another person, an etheric handshake occurs.
We can feel the energy field of the other and immediately have an idea about that person.

Os chakras, energy wheels are, operate on the principle of magnetic attraction and repulsion.
The float in the aura chakras.

In key areas of life represented by the chakras, are attracting or repelling.
Two things that block the chakras are forms of negative thinking and fear.
The forms of negative thoughts are based on experiences conditioned or external projections.
Sometimes we, as human beings, we behave in ways detrimental even when consciously know that behavior is counter-productive.

The blockages reduce the movement of the chakras or stop altogether, resulting in a depletion of their energy.
A center which attracts rotates clockwise while a counter-clockwise in disgust.
A person who continues storing negative thoughts rejects healthy conditions in everyday life.
A chakra open or clean attracts positive situations.

[quote]The chakras dictate the conditions that are attracted, can attract both people and positive or negative circumstances.[/quote]

During a Ritual of the crystals can clean and restore the chakras back to its healthy condition
using many different crystals. Dishes are used single crystals, tuning forks and essential oils to clean,
re-adjust and improve the condition of each chakra. By eliminating the forms of negative thoughts, we create a positive awareness,
that helps us move forward with success in our lives.

When we change our inner world, our outer world changes”.

A session of the Crystal Ritual helps the client understand why objectively negative events occurred
and enables one to forgive yourself and make better choices. O client, then, identifies its intentions in the conscious and subconscious levels.
These sessions are for personal empowerment, establishing clear responsibility and restoring.



Below is a brief description of the domain of each chakra.

7: Crown Chakra: espírito peace, Life Purpose, personal identity.
6: Third Eye Chakra: view, intuition, filters of perception of reality.
5: The Throat Chakra: Communication, responsibility.
4: Heart Chakra: love, generosity, desire, healing power.
3: The Solar Plex Chakra: conscious mind, control, decisions, ability to influence.
2: Chakra do Hara: sexuality, self-estima, fault, shame, manifestation.
1: Chakra by Raiz: survival, fears, ego, vertebral column, nervous system.



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