Energy is in all the words, thoughts and emotions we experience in our day to day,

and can affect your life in a positive or negative. Removal of Negative Energy

proposes a general cleaning of your etheric body, clearing blockages and helping you free yourself from emotional patterns.

During our life experience acquired in our structures ethereal aura and etheric body.

Often these structures are assossiadas with our defense mechanism and created as a "shield" protecting.

Other times it is the result of the crystallization energy patterns that carry the memory of our past events;

or even patterns preceding physical ailments.

The aura is a magnetic field of our body able to protect ourselves and also save the emotions that we live.

The negative feelings, if not removed, can affect our health in the form of disease, or to standards

unconscious thoughts and reactions.

Removal of Negative Energy allows us to discover and practice new attitudes,

without arresting the old standards, with a physical body healthier and happier.

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