The use of hot stones can be combined with a relaxing massage or therapeutic.
The heat of the stones has great therapeutic value, placed on your body at specific points,
the heat will penetrate tense and releasing physical and emotional.
The massage is done with hands and stones, with slides and stay at some points,
being capable of reaching deep tissue, releasing acid Dairy contraturas of your body
and causing a deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage is the application of thermotherapy, in that the conduction of heat is
transmitted to the body through plutonic rocks, formed at the bottom of the volcano.
These rocks were cooled slowly over thousands of years, remaining in
its composition to its full potential energy and biochemical.

The energy that comes from the stones penetrates deep into muscles, permitindo to Limpeza,
clearance and normalization of energy flow, What is on your main meridians
conduction means Chi (Vital Energy).

Customers receive a Hot Stone Massage feel recharged and energy
able to work more and better for longer periods.
Perceive the state of anxiety, tension, apprehension and agitation being uncomfortable
replaced by serenity, relaxation, calm and paz interior.

Some of the benefits is:

. Improves blood circulation
. Increased muscle tone
. Stimulation of physiological processes such as digestion and breathing
. Improves mobility of joints
. Elimination of fat and cellulite fighting
. Improves the flow of vital energy
. Relief of pain in the spine and other body parts
. Release of repressed emotions

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