Mystery School

If you seek a higher level of understanding of life, if you suspect that there is a higher purpose for their existence, if you wanna know the truth, then join us for an adventure of mystery, magic and wisdom.


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The Mystery Schools have been compared to "Universities of the Soul", where the curriculum focuses on how to awaken and develop your inner strength, their gifts hidden, innate powers and abilities to achieve their highest potential and reach the divine consciousness.

The Mystery School teachings inspire your soul, train your mind, and teach personal power tools that can be applied in practice.

The purpose of the Mystery Tradition is the realization of your True Self (true self) and its connection with other, both physically and spiritually.

Our method involves esoteric teachings of the world, from East to West, from India to Europe, Tibet to the Holy Land and holy places like Mount Fuji and the Rocky mountain of North America. Our lessons range from alchemy to the Zohar, that help create a deeper spiritual connection and lovingly expand your consciousness, linking the world visible to the invisible.

You will be guided through the teachings of sacred wisdom taught the Masters, Saints and Avatars of our planet. Once reserved only for select candidates, This Line is now available for all who seek this knowledge.

The Lineage of our school has ever seen this road running through the Great Masters, as: Noah, Enoch, Socrates, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Leonardo Da Vinci, King Solomon, Nicola Tesla, Rudolf Steiner and among many other.

As in all spiritual paths, the goal is not the destination but the journey of discovery of your True Self. So, the old motto of these esoteric schools has always been and remains: "Know thyself"

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