Massage Modeling

Massagem-ModeladoraThe modeling massage is a massage done with stronger movements and deep, in order to reach deeper layers of the skin. It also operates in circulation, improving metabolism of the region. These form, she ends up being effective also against cellulite.

The main purposes of modeling massage are activating local metabolism, increase blood circulation and stimulate neuromuscular responses, which gives the impression of being with the more rigid body after the procedure.

This massage is more vigorous movements that lymphatic drainage, run quickly and firmly. Uses movements like sliding, kneading, clamping and percussion. It is generally restricted to areas with large accumulations of fat, as: abdomen, hips, shorts, buttocks, thighs and sometimes the arms.

The modeling massage should be done once or twice a week, and usually the treatment should be continued, to have the maintenance of the results. But people with balanced diet and physical activity are constant after treatment indicates a session every 15, 20 days after obtaining the expected result.

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