Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage or Massage The body works in an integrated way.

Brings relaxation through a communion of his essential being with your own body!

It's like a dance cradled by the waves, that limpam, unlock and energize the whole body.

The feelings of alegria and gratidão awakened within us are the big difference this ritual!

This massage strip you of mental,trazendo imensa leveza and connection with your body and your inner child. It's a different massage, traditionally used by the Hawaiian people as Ritual of Healing and balance. Originated in Hawaii, works as 4 elements harmonizing the body and stimulating joy and self-esteem.

Remember that the primary purpose of this massage is to work the body and Emotional Energy, this way is not ideal massage for muscle work stress points.

*Observation: This massage is traditionally performed directly on the stretcher, without the use of water.

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