The sports massage brings many benefits to the person addressed.
The big difference between sports massage and relaxing is the vigor.
The sports massage uses movements and maneuvers faster and stronger to increase blood circulation,
which brings a more effective recovery after physical exertion.

We can divide into two camps sports massage. The first is applied after an
physical effort to recover the muscular. The second is applied prior to the physical try hard to prepare the muscles for the task.
While relaxing massage releases hormones that calm the body as oxytocin and endorphins, sports massage,
due to more vigorous movements, powerful adrenaline release, Shaking the athlete before the physical effort.

A sports massage is usually customized for each athlete.
It is indicated for all the people who make some kind of sport, either as a profession, hobby ou amador.
It completes the training very well and helps prevent muscle injuries,
recover and prepare the body for the sport.

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