Ayurvedic Massage

Esta Therapy traz but "prana" – Vital Energy – the body, removing toxins installed deep
the musculoskeletal system and the circulatory system,
improving lymphatic system and increasing the respiratory capacity.

Ayurveda simply means "Science of Life", originated in India for over five thousand years.
Traditionally the Indian Medical massage is widely used for various treatments,
she is the main therapeutic tool in Ayurvedic treatments because it is through
toxins are mobilized by the body and the largest organ of the human body, a pele.

It is performed according to the biotype (dosha) of each individual:
for or Vata Dosha DEVE service lento, maneuvers and firm to the touch and plenty of oil in;

Pitta requires a steady and moderate pace touch.

In Kapha with maneuvers should be vigorous and deep, with a little oil and fast.

This massage removes blockages in the energy channels, through pressure points marmas,
points that are located in these channels.
Thus relieving muscle tension, realigning the column and joints,
releasing emotions and traumas generating an enormous sense of well being.

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