The high vibration of its components is an element of ritual purity and rest.

In this facial we use the produtos da Forever Living.
We start with the Aloe Cleanser, which is the first step to beautiful skin.

It is a hypoallergenic product, leve com o PH balanceado.

After cleaning do a light scrub with Aloe Scrub, jojoba oil with pure aloe vera,

working together to loosen the dead skin cells, open the pores and start the renewal process,

revealing radiant skin.

Allied exfoliation, you will receive a facial massage, to activate and stimulate specific points,

preparing your skin to receive and absorb more nutrients from the seaweed facial mask.
A Marine Mask uma provides deep Limpeza, while balancing the texture

skin marine natural minerals, besides being moisturizing and getting all the benefits

aloe vera, mel and extrathoracic cucumber.

Com finalized to Aloe Loção, a moisturizer that combines the highest concentration of pure
aloe with jojoba oil, collagen, elastin and vitamin E in a mild and soothing lotion, leaving your skin

ready to face the rush of your day.

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