This treatment of natural beauty combined with massage and application of Organic Clay Mask.

Known as Argiloterapia or Geotherapy, is the use of mineral resources for therapeutic purposes and aesthetics. The properties of clays vary depending on their composition and place of extraction. The main forms are known to use more : masks, poultices and compresses.

Clays are found in the Trace. What São elements essential to living things, they are essential to biological processes with the formation of enzymes vital for certain biochemical processes. Estes SAO elements:

Copper: neutralizes free radicals, keeps the defense systems of the skin and acts in the formation of collagen and elastin, responsible for supporting the skin.

Selenium: fights free radicals.

Silicon: contributes to the formation of collagen and elastin.

Zinc: reduce fine lines, normalizing the skin surface.

Magnesium: acts in synergy with zinc to energize and tone the skin.

Manganese: participates in the metabolism of collagen, and neutralizes free radicals.

Properties of Clay – Therapeutic, applied aesthetics and cosmetology:
• Anti-inflammatory
• Cicatrizante
• Regenerativo
• Anti-septic
• Anti-infective
• Absorption
• Detox
• Analgesic
• Refreshing
• Vitalizante
• Soothing
• Anti-acne and anti-seborréico
• Stimulates circulation
• Brightness and tone
• Elasticidade
• Effect tensor
• na Atua sagging skin
• Removes stains

Neurocosmética and Argiloterapia:

The skin is our body's largest organ, Applies to 16% body weight. Organ Vital for our survival. Responsible for thermal regulation and Defense organic. It controls blood flow and protects against external agents.

Neurocosmética is treatment that occurs when the body / skin perceives the well-being caused by certain products, especially those which are natural organic sources, which are similar to the pH of the skin.

The use of clay, for example, sends the brain a sense of relief and well-being.

The skin is a neurotransmitter of energy upon contact with organic cosmetics, rescues electrons, rejuvenates and releases natural hormones, which increases its strength and reduces the incidence of spots and wrinkles.

Ancient civilizations already knew the healing and therapeutic properties of clay, but the benefits were never so evident as now. In addition to its rejuvenating power, Clay may also be used in therapeutic treatments, how to detox.

A argila green mask is purifying, remineralizing and anti-septic; care is ideal for combination skin, oily and acne because it absorbs excess sebum and cleans in depth. The color is due to the presence of iron oxide combined with other trace elements with a great capacity detoxifying, with astringent action, tonic, secativa, bactericidal and healing.

A red clay em is rich and iron oxide and copper, has elements important for cell respiration. Ideal for skin and dull cançadas. Revitalizes and develops the natural luminosity of skin due to improved blood circulation, absorption of toxins and skin hydration. In addition to moisturizing benefits promotes the prevention of skin aging.

A yellow clay Gold is rich in silicon, catalyst to form the basis of skin collagen, so it is indicated for the treatment of rejuvenation. It has purifying action, astringent and remineralizing. It also acts to improve skin elasticity to sagging skin.


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