Any surgical procedure is aggressive in his body, Drainage is one way to prepare your body to respond well to any procedure.

Through stimuli that increase the regenerative capacity of tissues, Your body will be able to recover from surgery with perfection.

After surgery your body automatically goes into the inflammatory process, large amount of fluid to the vasa through tissue and must be filtered and returned to service as soon as possible so as not to cause fibrosis (internal scarring) and does not reach levels greater inflammatory. In this case the drainage is focused in the area of ​​intervention, sometimes has a greater length than normal 1 time, and the first session is not used any products such as oils and creams during therapy to avoid possible
irritations, due to the sensitivity that the body is in this period.

The postoperative drainage helps prevent scarring and fibrosis coarse, addition to rapidly reduce edema, allowing you to quickly return to daily activities.

All this with much love, relaxation and specific attention to each case.


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