This technique involves the lymphatic system do not encourage, melhorando seu funcionamento.
O sistema linfático é paralelo ao sanguíneo e seu trabalho é conduzir a linfa dos tecidos para o sistema circulatório.

We can then say that the lymphatic system is a cleansing of the body, collecting the liquid
which is outside the blood system, filtrando-o e conduzindo-o ao sistema sanguíneo. O sistema linfático não possui glóbulos vermelhos, mas possui grande quantidade de glóbulos brancos e outras células imunes de grande importância para proteção do seu corpo. Then the system In addition to cleanse your body, protects against viruses, bacteria and other invaders.

Importantly, lymphatic drainage is done by our body
all time,
the movement caused by respiration, the heartbeat and
by our everyday activities,
such as walking, are responsible for
lymphatic drainage body's natural.

Manual lymph drainage is indicated to improve the quality of natural drainage,
stimulating the lymphatic system to work faster and
better. Cellulite, Fluid retention (swelling), delay in digestion, sinusitis, constant colds, acne, delay in healing, são alguns problemas comuns que a drenagem linfática manual possui grande potencial de cura.

In some special cases such as pre-and post-surgical, lymphatic drainage guide is very important.

E cases we pregnancy it offers numerous benefits.

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