Throughout life many attachments and emotional ties are created with different people and situations.

Although some links lend themselves, as with children and life partners, unfortunately

most are not healthy and can create an unstable situation and co-dependency with others.

These cords can be formed with negative feelings of betrayal, fault, anger, depression, various forms of attachment.

De fate, the more intimate and intense the relationship, the stronger the bond created.

When an emotional cord is created between two people that allows energy to flow freely between them,

even if they are not currently in a relationship or close physically. If negative emotional patterns are

related to that person, relationship or experience, its energy and life force being drained may be,

and causing you to get stuck in patterns of your past.

With this Ritual can cut those cords negative emotional and you will be free to re-connect with those who are

important to you in a healthy way. As a result you can re-establish their current relationships

form a new, with new energy and focus.

Let go of your past and living present with all its energy!
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