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Wisdom is within your Being and not in the cards with 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot

The answers to all our questions exist within ourselves and the Tarot is a form of access to our Inner Wisdom.

Recommend to consultants who come to consult with a goal

so we can direct the focus of the query to find the answers you need

to assist the consultant in accordance with the time for which he(a) is going.


Why consult the Tarot?

The Tarot can serve as a tool to understand the inner forces or archetypal patterns

that are reflected in our everyday experiences, so that we find the meaning of the lessons

that life presents to us in the form of experiences we label "negative": frustrations, obstacles, failures and losses.

By understanding the meaning of the situations that challenge us to outdo ourselves and in autoconhecer,

we can direct our focus toward our goals, dreams and aspirations with more awareness,

less afraid of making mistakes and, therefore, most likely to succeed when taking attitudes and act.


How this tool works as a self-?

The Tarot is a symbolic language that establishes a dialogue between our Conscious I,

Subconscious Self and Higher Self, in other words, the cards are chosen by asker own

to bring a message of parts of your being that you do not have access to the Conscious I.

As taróloga, know the language of the Tarot and intuit how they are presenting the archetypal patterns

Arcana of the Tarot cards at the current consultant, so the intermediate and

as an interpreter to facilitate dialogue between the consultant and I Aware of Your Subconscious Self and Higher Self.


“There are many methods of developing understanding of symbols

for those who strive to understand the inner forces that govern Nature

and the Human Being and to teach its fundamental principles.

The more synthetic and one of the most interesting of these methods is the Tarot.” (P. D. Ouspensky)

Anna Catharina M. P. – Taróloga e Healer (facilitating self-healing) formed by the Academy of Healers-

certified by the Modern Mystery School (Modern Mystery School)
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