In Flower Therapy you receive the help of a professional to establish a project
healing and positive changes in your life, from this.
Feeling more welfare, health and inner joy, you also have more energy
available to break free and heal the trauma and memories of the past, that
may be limiting their life experiences, not present.

The Flower Therapy oriented helps us to identify and transform the negative emotions;
and facilitates the healing of behavior patterns that repeat, even knowing that
limit us and make us suffer. Flower essences work on the fears, distress, anxiety,
depression, compulsions, preoccupation with other, past traumas,
hypersensitivity, anger, jealousy, lack of concentration, communication difficulties, etc..

Flower essences work directly in the consciousness, amplifying the perception we have of
same, our potential, and purposes of our lives. The more value and
develop our positive qualities, our gifts, and we learned so far,
find more inner strength to cope with the challenges.
It, when we make room for living with more freedom and creativity, to attract
much more easily what they truly want.

*The pace of meetings is established according to the need, can only be
a meeting; or a regular rhythm (for example, a weekly appointment for a period
determined; one query per month; one every two months, etc.).
The floral system is recognized by WHO ( World Health Organization), prescribed
by professionals trained in the various recognized systems; and formulas are
regularly handled, Pharmacies in Homeopathy.

Carolina Young - Naturist therapist is to 20 years of experience, formed by the
Bach Centre, Campinas, SP, EDF and peels (Flower Essence Society, Nevada, USA). It is also
professora de Tai Chi and Meditaçao, and provides business consultancy in People Management.
Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, FAU-USP; Applied Theatre and Education, ECA-USP.

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