Gift Card

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That question than give away?!
Let the experts at hand!
Creating memorable experiences is with us!

More than a simple card, an option really charming!
You can choose one of our presenter Packages,

or set up your personalized gift for the occasion.

To withdraw your Gift Card you can go here,
not Shambala Spa, and pay as you wish.

Or have the option Virtual Gift Card:
where you send your card via email
and you can make a deposit into our bank account.

Contact to get your
by email:

1. Make deposit in the amount of this.
2. Send comprovante, specifying the type of this.
And the data on the card to be filled: To and.
And the email to send the Gift Card.

Banco do Brasil:
Agency: 3185-2
Current Count: 18-355-5
Shambala Spa Zen
LOGIN 11.074.284/0001-87

The Gift has 3 months of validity and can be scheduled
Monday to Saturday from 09h to 20h.
The Cards acquired in Lagoa da Conceição Unit must be used in Unity Pond, and acquired in Unit Floripa Shopping should be used in the same.

Give those you love a EXPERIENCE… UNFORGETTABLE!

This gift will anyone want to trade!

Check out our suggestions here Packages and Special Days!


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