Baby Blessing

When you see a baby is so cute, Always sorrimos, because it is pure love, com fully connected to energy de Deus.

You are as happy now as I was a child? Why not?

After years that joy seems to decrease, the child begins to develop racioncínio,

and slowly begins to lose that purity, COMECA guarder to rancor, can begin to be negative, etc..

Have you ever felt like to do something, or act a certain way, But there's something holding you back or sabotage?

Something that is beyond their control.

The Baby Blessing will protect the baby or child from negative.

And it will make it is always connected with the divine love.
It's like being an astronaut always connected with the control tower of its mission,
out instead of losing that connection and stand alone.

It can be done in children up to 10 years old. But it is recommended at birth.
This ritual is more than one gift you can give your child,

is the highest service that can be given to a human!

Please, contact for additional information.

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