Activation of Life is a gift of personal empowerment.
It's an arrangement that allows you to access your full potential; view and progress in their journey of growth.

It is a ritual that has helped people overcome barriers in their day-to-day.
Will fill your body light, dissolving blockages and weaknesses which you might not be aware.

[quote] It is the first step to awaken who you really are![/quote]

Your spiritual DNA contains the original design of who you are, your life purpose, pseudo divine potential. Its DNA determines more than the genetic code, contains information on emotional patterns, seus donations espirituais, and more.

Activation Life brings more light and more energy, activating your chakras and aura, thus causing you to activate your spiritual intuition, thus connecting with your life purpose, you begin to flow more easily in their way of life.

We can see clear results in our lives after the activation of Life. You will gain more clarity and awareness of what is helping you on your way and hindering.


Accelerate your life.
This ritual will help you with your growth and learning, bringing clarity in the direction they should take in your life.

Overcome personal blocks.
Imagine a power destructive of the problems that you thought could never dissolve, leaving the way clear for its growth and success in life.

Strengthen Your Relationships
We relate to many people in our lives without knowing necessarily be a safe relationship and saldável. Activation of Life will help your connection with people in a positive way, attracting people to your way of success.


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Try True Abundance
Everything you need and want is available to us here and now! Activation of Life will help you connect with the flow of abundance in your life.

Improve Your Health
Activation of Life is an amazing sport to increase their pontencial, and also their health. Strengthens your immune system and helps supercar emotional blocks, mental and physical well.

Increase your ability to shine
Activation Life literally fills your body of Light! Having this most precious resource within you allows you to spread hope, joy, peace and love for everyone around. This ritual at its most basic and subtle really inspires you to go
further and reach higher in your life.

See the proof
This picture was taken using a specialized camera that captures images of the chakras and aura you can clearly see the effect of activation of Life.
Notice how a person becomes brighter.

The benefits of this powerful ritual are numerous.
It is the first step of all students in the School of Mysteries (Modern Mystery School).

Some of the benefits include:

. Relieving anxiety and stress
. Lets you see more clearly who you are and where you can go in your life
. More physical energy and mental capacity
. Increases emotional estabilidade
. Strengthens the immune system
. It helps overcome old habits that do not serve you more
. Increases brain function and clarity of thought
. Helps to increase personal wealth
. Helps create positive relationships

Who can Activation Life

The Mystery School considers the integrity of this type so powerful very important. We re-certified annually to ensure the effectiveness of the modality. All Certificates and Guides "Lift Activators Practicioners" can offer this amazing ritual.

For a list of Certified Guides Mystery School:

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